How to use the site of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to survive, and Shanghai dragon business idea

second, the entrepreneurial process. I have a job, the psychological pressure is much smaller, the decoration of the site has not stopped, until the first half of 2015, the site of the primary key to love Shanghai ranked in the first two pages, beginning two months before receiving the first real customers due to the help of friends, order processing very a customer satisfaction, it also help me to introduce several customers. Then the more do >

! First of all, to stabilize the life of

. Because the decoration industry has some old station in front of the new station, want to go beyond them, take a very long time, he asked me to find a job, at least can guarantee the economic source, the use of spare time every day can be optimized. Because I must do this, the teacher said so, so I got a job in Shanghai Longfeng work for a very low wage. In the company, I see the website profit model of the company, let me have a deeper understanding of the construction of Shanghai Longfeng site, work is no longer just send articles and send the chain.

I began to work in the company, and later because of playing Taobao see a lot of friends, a lot of people earn money, their wages can not sense of inferiority, determined to let me learn a choice of Internet technology, a long time, the final decision to choose Shanghai dragon website optimization, therefore, I have to resign participate in the training courses, training a few months in Shanghai Longfeng technology.

was the most miserable, one month, two months, three months later, I found the original hard articles included rarely, love station query ranking all 0, I began to hesitate, I must persist? Three months have no income, how to do? In the minds of innumerable mark let me once again to life is full of doubts, I once again asked the teacher training, through the depth of communication, the teacher gave very sincere opinions, and these views have changed my way.

in recent years, the rapid development of the Internet, many people aware of the importance of the network, specifically the importance of network marketing. But a pedestrian access to the Internet will inevitably take many detours, even in face of failure. I am from Shanghai dragon came into contact with the network, the beginning is very difficult to use the site to survive today using the website business, can fully meet the daily economic cost, share my experience filled with a thousand regrets,

ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. The initial plan is through the construction of a Wuhan decoration site, ranking Shanghai love home, then orders to do business, because I have a friend who is engaged in the decoration engineering contracting. With infinite longing, I began to optimize the website at home full-time website construction plan, through 6 months of home page. I have learned all the knowledge to the Shanghai dragon website, also a large number of the chain, and even buy the chain. Now in retrospect, had the biggest detours should not be self PHP, in order to make the site to DIY words, I spent more than a month of self PHP, finally ended in failure, in fact, I have not used PHP to now, Shanghai Longfeng optimization can do not need it.

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