talk about is how a drop right site restoration ranking experience

website down right after the domain command inquires, found himself on the front page of the site has lost the rankings, at this time to try to improve the website home page weight, the method is to optimize the internal chain, different channel chain to the home page, also through marketing to accelerate the high quality of the chain, especially A5 provides the construction of the chain service, let the home page weight I soon recovered!

and then change the original content update frequency, are beginning to have the law of the original content of daily writing, appropriate changes when the anchor text anchor text keyword density, almost all the way, but the keyword density was maintained at 5 percent, so after a month of continuous updates, eventually the content of the web site included became normal, love of Shanghai also.

drop right after the resumption of work

many webmaster friends basically experienced the love love Shanghai by manual adjustment to intervene, resulting in many websites rather baffling drop right, it does not rule out the website itself there are a lot of defects, such as love shortcuts, tricks, use love sea algorithm loopholes, for these problems, intelligent method love algorithm in Shanghai could not be across the board to perform right down, so only through artificial means, then the mechanism of the artificial right down, is that these sites in the no head of the day? Of course the answer is no, this is not, after three months of hard work, finally will such a man down the right site to revert to the original ranking, the how do I do write to share with you!

the number of keywords of the anchor text site too much, in order to make their own content more love love Shanghai spiders, can increase the number of Web site keywords of the anchor text, and basically is bold, it obviously has a pile of key words of the suspects, although at the beginning of the I do this web site content included is very fast, but the content of the rankings are in front, but when your site is down right and I found that the contents of this page, basically not included, it is based on this analysis, the author finds his deliberate pursuit of anchor text keywords, so artificial reduction the right to love Shanghai!

a website content updates without the rule, the quality is not high, this is one of the important reasons causing the site to drop right, because I have a lot of website maintenance is only the website chain, get a lot of the chain is not enough, though in the beginning, this is right down the website can get good rankings in a short time, but always belongs to the content update, sometimes is from another QQ space by the keyword plus your website to update, the effect is very poor natural! Finally led to the website ranking suddenly dropped badly!

find the reason of website drop right

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