ndependent P virtual host with shared p difference

5, can be directly to visit

2, IP

6, can achieve the pan binding domain

was likely to reduce

7, the construction of the chain

binding; IP When the same

4, to enhance the user website search engine and a chance

if a IP corresponds to only one site, the search engine will assess the site of high quality in order to improve the collection level, search engines are more likely to grab the page of the website, to website promotion and Internet marketing;

users can be directly resolved to domain independent IP host www.yunshuju贵族宝贝/host/duliipzhuji.asp, will not have to go to the hosting control panel to do

as the independent IP space is own a IP, you can be one without the need to maintain the "mini" independent server, publicize the status, the construction of the chain multiplier. Moreover, to avoid the negative impact brought by the

server virtual machine on other customers attacks (such as DDOS), IP virtual host will not be affected;

Have a natural advantage of

IP alone can be achieved after the previous virtual domain binding function can achieve the pan.

3, from attack implicated

site with IP

www.yunshuju贵族宝贝 cloud data statistics host is not stable is the webmaster worry, hard webmaster resources can not be changed, when we use a space business, has great influence on the day after the operation of the website, so choose a good space provider and the host is very important.

users can access the site directly through the independent IPwww.yunshuju贵族宝贝/host/duliipzhuji.asp, avoid sharing IP general direct IP access will get error, can increase the enterprise image;

1, free binding domain

avoid because of a web site. A large, close an illegal website will affect a large area of the "gates of fire affecting the fish ‘situation;

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