Several search engines snapshot backwards


1, website update stalled, if the site is not updated, the search engine spiders visit will not index into the new content, when the content of home long-term website snapshot will remain immutable and frozen, at this time, for example, a web site in February 3rd to stop the update, then no updated, then the search engine snapshot will stay in February 3rd, as long as the site is not updated snapshot will always stay in February 3rd, you may wish to see a snapshot of the bread net, the website snapshot date is the last article update time, and through the observation of several sites, found that many sites are the same the situation, from this point of view, the index date is not love Shanghai love Shanghai representative snapshot, but the website for the latest update date, If a site has not been updated, even if the search engine came every day, the snapshot is not on.

3, the website is down right, the chance of this happening is very low, if not the site violates the rules of search engine optimization, search engine will not easily make the punishment on the site, if the site has been updated and maintained, the snapshot still backwards, several months have not returned it, is likely to be the website right, but caution that must find the reason to be right down, otherwise do not draw a conclusion, when a snapshot of a search engine backwards, may wish to see the snapshot site in other search engines, whether also occurred in the back, if the site in the other search engines in the snapshot is normal moreover, ranking is also quite normal, it can be observed for some time, then to observe the snapshot of the site are not restored. There is an important reference site is not be right down, the best method is based on the website ranking is normal to judge, if the website ranking is severely reduced, cut long time not to return to normal, and the inside pages of Page Ranking Ranking drop, should be the site is down right, website snapshot backwards the situation is probably the basic within these types of situations. Bread for 贵族宝贝mianbao0贵族宝贝/ >

2, the search engine database, if you carefully observe love Shanghai snapshot, you will find a website snapshot of this rule, have been found in the latest state, but after a few days, then go to website snapshot, but found no retreat, and a few day to see, website snapshot back. Not only the love of Shanghai, each search engine has the same snapshot back of snapshot is always up and down, half a month ago, my site is February 13th in the latest snapshot of a search engine, and half a month later, a snapshot of the site will not advance, but backwards, the search engine spiders visit everything is normal, why can create a snapshot, I think in addition to their own search engines, no one can explain, since we do not understand, not simply as a rule, as long as it does not affect website ranking.

snapshot web site in the search engine will be back, probably several situations:

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