Shanghai dragon industry promising more difficult


Shanghai dragon competition like a raging fire should give up or insist on

dim Shanghai dragon industry

from the above we can see that this person hard to do stand for more than three months can be the result of love Shanghai or not a little effect, Google is good, can see the rankings, although the ranking is not very good. Look at the person, I will give you a look at other people responsible for the recent site:

webmaster to the site to have initial optimization step difficult, no matter how bad the chain, no matter how competitive do, whether is the enterprise or individual station station. Every successful webmaster want to bring their own team to service their own website.

: from this person, we can see that the site is down right after the original content update after five months still did not see hope, and several other sites did not take good care instead of ranking unusual resume, this let people really feel the love of Shanghai which is open to us greatly.


love to be in love after the update, Shanghai library update with a link advertising content is more and more difficult, the weight of the blog is weakened, the link anchor text is more and more small. The chain has followed the real recommendation principle, this update also hopes to reduce the number of people outside of the chain, so we send outside the chain to pay particular attention to the authenticity of the high quality and the breadth and the breadth.

has entered this line for a long time, I often in some large forum website with Adsense friends talk about Shanghai Longfeng, many people complain that Shanghai dragon is more and more difficult, the occupation has been difficult. Everyone felt very hard, but often results and look forward to the results unsatisfactory, which is today in Search ask above and see the people complaining.

according to a survey, the United States of Shanghai dragon industry proportion accounted for 47.3% of the world, and China accounted for only 0.5%, is still in the development phase China in this industry, so there is a great space to develop, Shanghai dragon or individual shortage of industry.



we all know the current love Shanghai became the dominant search engine, resulting in fierce competition champion. But now the 360 search engine market share is the unprecedented expansion of calendar, once reached 20%, so that Shanghai included drop, 360 included rose is not a bad thing. Love Shanghai once eroded, and the subsequent search engine market will be more intense competition, love Shanghai, 360, Google may be the formation of the Three Kingdoms situation, not only is the love we will face Shanghai search engine optimization, and more optimized form.

love Shanghai to reduce the market share of

Shanghai green

Shanghai dragon bright future

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