Love Shanghai launched audio to document web application may be good for the website optimization


can’t deny, with the popularity of mobile Internet, especially Internet broadcast hot, many people love to pick up the mobile phone video chat, with the mouth and typing, voice much faster, and with a short video of hot, the future of video more and more fire, relative words content less! How to find the text quality that is a real problem. But the collection of websites, more and more small, making web content using pseudo original, empty ganba and weakness, but also short. Website optimization cannot do without the original content, audio conversion document may be updated website content to provide new sources of.

love Shanghai recently launched a web application to audio document, the application name and SwiftScribe name long tedious, simply called SS audio to document application. For this application the advantages are as follows:

saw, feel this good cow, however, after combing, love Shanghai SS audio to document application so long a English letter name is actually a lack of confidence. The app is free to use, I think it is a trial, because the future is to be commercialized, people love Shanghai to take this money, and the main target group is the stenographer, intended to subvert the industry, do not know in the stenographer this industry big brother big sister see this news, what would feel.

in the website optimization, many webmaster for website content update this one more tangled, every day to write original, which have so much energy and theme, if the video here, and then into the text, add punctuation, tidy with editing tools, original + original, this is not the website content update a good source material.

The application of "

" backed by the love of Shanghai depth speech recognition system, the audio files into text with artificial shorthand conversion efficiency is 1.67 times faster." The correct rate of conversion, the application did not make a specific description, but cited a 2016 Shanghai World Congress love Robin Li’s words: "the accuracy of speech recognition of Shanghai love can reach 97%, has more than one ability to recognize speech." The output speed is 1 minutes long, "audio files can complete the conversion in 30 seconds." One minute audio file 30 seconds, it seems a little long, and the application of conversion of the text is not with punctuation marks, "manual adjustment case, punctuation and spelling part……" ! finally, the system can handle within one hour of audio files.

used to use fragmentation time webmaster, also can make full use of the software in a public occasion, crazy like on mobile phone talk, then save, and then use the SS document into text and audio transfer application. Don’t feel shy, Mandaijie people are talking at the mobile phone. "



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