Talk about the website of Shanghai Longfeng project optimization and diagnosis framework of Shanghai

is Yang Zi’s first experience to share with you, want to tell you, no matter what problems, don’t be afraid, don’t hold back, if you fear, retreat, can say: you have almost entered the door to failure, so we have to believe in yourself, don’t be afraid of do not understand, but didn’t mind, don’t if you can’t write well but unwilling to write, who dare to write a chance, dare to write is a breakthrough, breakthrough is beyond.

1. Shanghai dragon theme website clear direction and user groups, determine the website main keywords


, a Shanghai Longfeng project optimization plan summarized

on the website of Shanghai dragon project Shanghai Longfeng project optimization and diagnosis, for many people especially those just entering the network marketing, website operation and optimization of Shanghai dragon friends, want to write a complete project plan and project optimization of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme is not easy.

in writing such a program, not only has rich theoretical knowledge, but also need rich experience, mutual integration of the two only, to complete a practical scheme.

2. competitor analysis and keyword mining to construct keyword database

" page layout optimization design of the

read a lot of related documents and the need to optimize, promotion, operation site, product, industry and audience, to write, because of the lack of experience, theoretical knowledge is weak written out of the program there are many shortcomings, but when Yang Zi was finished, the most important is the time from learned a lot. (ps: was also asked a few years of industry experience with friends)

3. web page layout reasonable


for some people who have some experience, although the psychological clear first what to do, what to do next, again what to do, and what to do, but they should really write a program execution and landing when they are at a loss what to do, or do not know where thoughts disorder is knocked down under his fingers keyboard.

in order to have a clear idea of writing in Shanghai Longfeng project and Shanghai Longfeng project diagnosis project, Yang Zi summed up the following, I hope to inspire you, of course, here only talk about the basic points, do not discuss the details. (PS: mixed, the following content is for reference only, of course if you have please discuss in this article.)

for some just entering the Shanghai dragon industry novice, it is a loss, a face of the kind of force in the course of Meng, Yang Zigang entered the Shanghai dragon industry, the first to write such a program is also so, but at the time Yang Zi did not flinch, in order to achieve a better solution.


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