Rooney Luna medical website is the key to retain users

so, we reflect on the bidding according to the above, you can do, but to grasp those users have to search words, improve the conversion rate, allowing users to not point, look, ran away, but to really reflect and your needs; the update site is important, the number is better, but we in the network is more valuable and original, is conducive to the user and the engine spiders, so how to do well the content, attract spider and customer service, is the webmaster to think; but just pop the.

in medical websites, chat window is the most common, is most common, even the most annoying tricks, a website first pop-up chat, and not easy to turn off, over a minute to see the pages and pop up, everyone talking about the degree of customer experience, who is considering the user you don’t need these old Luantan window, users no longer love can’t bear such frequent pop-up ah, so in order to retain users to do the pop-up chat box, but let a lot of medical station lost thousands of business users, and even IP, the success rate of only ten, this isn’t a tragedy?

1) love Shanghai bid high, but not give off.

love Shanghai after Google PR big update, the acquisition station did a great baptism, and many medical stations affected by the acquisition of others, especially those forum data medical station, and this change and in front of the love of Shanghai ranked big changes, is also relevant, and a reminder of the more medical station love Shanghai, bidding position is unshakable, if you only do Shanghai dragon, OK will follow, so become a bid to throw but not throw money container.

3) in order to retain customers and pop.

first look at SEM network status most of hospital:

2) to Shanghai dragon and a large number of update and copy.

I have shared a little experience for everyone in the front, called "Luna: chubby Shanghai dragon how to keep the viewer mouse", and today we need to talk about is not just to keep the mouse problem, but with the network being accepted, slowly become a shortcut to resolve the problem, how to retain customers, get rid of the final problem of customers and become the key to this problem, I met today in medical sites is most obvious, so today hope that more good webmaster can share more excellent articles.

medical station is undoubtedly the information super website, and counterparts, are beginning to hire a large number of writers daily update a large number of articles, and some simply are not knowledgeable students or layman, began to write a professional disease article, not to write, just on the others website copy, modify the head and tail and added, but this time in Shanghai love screening, there is no doubt that these messages are flump submarine, thousands of owners from the low hundreds or even tens of thousands of included, to bring a little reflection to us.

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