Shanghai love home real hot show red their promotion means a strong platform


Figure Figure two:



: a love storm Shanghai news topic page

as an article "seen on A5 yesterday to" Beijing torrential rain "as an example of how clever the event marketing", the article talked about how to use the event marketing and promotion site. One thing about the construction project page, we can see the scarlet letter love Shanghai display related topics is a platform to promote the use of the incident.

for search engines, this kind of use their own resources to promote their platform is very common, such as the Google doodle, we know that Google will have a memorable holiday or festival to replace their graffiti to celebrate. According to statistics, Google each replacement of a graffiti brought traffic can be comparable with an international news event. And when we click into the graffiti search results we can see that there are a lot from Google service platform.

bright red font can certainly draw a lot of attention, when we click on the two mesh, we found the page into different, generally in the real hot click these words will enter the search results page. This time we click the "Beijing rainstorm topic" into the Beijing storm special love Shanghai news platform (as shown below), the latest development of the news will be reported in real time Beijing rainstorm disaster events. Click "enter the storm self-help Raiders" is love Shanghai love Shanghai experience platform (shown in Figure two), the page to experience special page produced in Beijing Shanghai love experience torrential rain events, which mainly included a storm, some prevention and self rescue hedging method, deal with the storm. We find that the two is the love of Shanghai’s own platform. The promotion of their own platform that very strong.

The scarlet letter

love experience of Shanghai storm topic page

love Shanghai display real-time hot information, we can say is a public welfare act.

Beijing recently suffered the biggest rainstorm in 61 years, in 7.21 the torrential rain in many parts of Beijing have appeared in the disaster, constantly came the news of casualties and property losses. No Valentine’s love in this disaster, a disaster, we also see a lot of touching moments, such as the Wangjing residents spontaneously composed of airport shuttle fleet stranded passengers, the sanitation workers waiting in the drainage well with no cover before for warning, director of the police station when the rescue was electrocuted and so on are deeply touched us. But this is not the end of a disaster. Today, Beijing is still issued a blue rainstorm alert, and we also see love Shanghai today also have action, in real time on the hot love Shanghai show red "Beijing rainstorm project", "Beijing self-help raiders".

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