A how to analyze the degree of difficulty of keyword optimization

2, observe the number of words in the love of Shanghai. In fact, the essence of love with the observation of Shanghai index are the same, is through these substantial data to analyze if you want to optimize the keywords you may exist in the number of competitors, in order to determine the optimal degree of difficulty. But judging from the page number included the degree of difficulty was no more reasonable than judging by the love of Shanghai index, because the number of included more than just because of the information relevant to the keyword more, instead there are many such sites, since it is not a company, that nature is not competitors.


blog appeared this cup after I will rarely write and share this evening, open mind, I think it is wrong to think before, even if we don’t love Shanghai, but I can not give up their own website, I have to do with love Shanghai, and I have to this blog do better than before, to attract more friends to pay attention, so from now on I will find some more concerned about the issue in Shanghai Longfeng forum, combined with the experience and ideas of our own and we do a discussion and sharing, so today’s topic is: how to analyze the degree of difficulty of keyword optimization.

1, observe the keyword index love Shanghai. If you don’t know what is love Shanghai index, the following will suggest that you don’t see, go to Shanghai dragon WHY basic knowledge to understand it, this is I have for you good. Observation of a judgment method of love Shanghai index is actually the most simple and general, because of the amount of search theoretically more words to the site to IP sure more, then it will increase the number of optimization of the key words, such as the invisible competition fierce degree of strengthening. Home only ten locations, 100 people in 10 position with 10 thousand people crowded 10 position of the difficulty is certainly not the same.

3, the number of observation keywords love Shanghai auction or the promotion of the website. Although there is no direct contact with the bidding optimization, but we think about it, why the number of the word auction site so much? Because the word is undoubtedly higher commercial value, since the commercial value is higher, it will also have more people involved, of course, peer website more, so your competition the opponent is on the increase, of course, things are not absolute, the above three points are relatively.

I really have no time to write articles in the blog, of course, this does not mean that no updates on my blog, on the contrary, every day I will update 2 articles, articles from A5. But the love of Shanghai always suck, the ranking is more updated more out of the terrible, it is also not a ranking ah, you can blame me for this domain name is bound to a station group IP, the IP K results, so my website is also affected by this or I was in love with be implicated in trouble. Key sea K 3 months after it discovered the problem, and later for the IP slowly included, but the ranking has not recovered, it also reflects the love of Shanghai "was a crime, and never stand up" approach.

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