From the home network using the beat nofollow label shoes.

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: first we see in the page at the top of the B2C site is common to the "login" and "registration" and other functions of

footwear e-commerce webmaster few don’t know I want to Amoy shoes, as the domestic shoe B2C big boss, its success not for the details of the pursuit of. Especially in the interior of the optimization of the site, I think it is hard, so in making shoes on the home page we can see what site optimization details? The author will analyze a we often use to label label: nofollow. With this label we look at page optimization in detail take net shoes, but also learn about nofollow at the site of the techniques used for their site in the station optimization consolidate more knowledge.

according to the breadcrumb navigation, so we can use "superstarii > Clover website, this way, without the use of the home page, this model can not only avoid the right.



navigation bar "home page" anchor text is tagged with nofollow

plate each member must pass through, the site is a key position. We look at making shoes this one region "code, as shown below:


in overshoes network source code, as shown above, we can find the Amoy shoes net for the navigation of the "home page" anchor text using the nofollow tag, the reason mainly has two aspects. One is do not want to let the spider crawling home this anchor text links, to prevent the decrease of the correlation of the page; on the other hand, do not want to because this one is not related words let the home page to reduce the weight, a relevant keywords will affect the weight and ranking. In order to take into account the user friendly experience, the use of "home" as the anchor text, and then use the nofollow tag to search engine shield. Then in the bread crumbs on the keyword placement, as shown in figure


in the source code, we can see that some links are processed by nofollow in many large sites did optimization will be on the plate of links to nofollow treatment, because the registration of the landing of these functional links is not much significance to our site spider and content, and too many of these the link will affect the spider crawling efficiency, we might as well with nofollow tags don’t guide the spider to crawl to crawl the page, some of the more valuable pages, also can avoid unnecessary loss of weight.


. Second:

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