Build nine Shanghai Longfeng details need to pay attention to perfect CMS system


site map site map: a standard search engine can make better grasp their own web pages. The CMS system should be well site map can automatically generate the XML version of the station can be submitted to the search engine.

third, Meta Tags: now standardized Keywords tag and description tag rankings almost no effect, so the system should allow webmasters to completely remove the two labels. If you must write, the system should be able to automatically generate or allow Adsense artificial writing.

sixth, eliminate duplicate content: system to automatically stop the search engine grab duplicate content, such as printing pages, various sort pages etc.. Although these duplicate pages to facilitate users to browse, but if not grab it, will cause the copy the contents of a large number of unfriendly to search engines.

, the first page title standard: want to create the perfect Shanghai Longfeng effect must start from the title, a good CMS system should be able to automatically generate more standard title. Such as: classification category page name – the name of the web site; product page: product name – name – the name of the website classification; it should also be allowed to manually modify the title.

with the development of the Internet, more and more people contact and the use of the Internet, more and more people into the stationmaster industry. Now the webmaster industry has become many simple, with the advent of the CMS system, so many do not understand the network programming people can easily have their own web site. There are a lot of common CMS system, part of the system also has a Shanghai Longfeng foundation, but the CMS system can achieve perfect effect of Shanghai Longfeng are basically no, so webmaster also need to modify their own code to achieve. This paper from the nine details to help you create the perfect CMS system.

, fifth labels: webmasters will release the input label, good CMS should automatically label polymerization and produce the label page.

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second, URL static: many webmaster said the search engine has to grab dynamic URL good, no static website. But it is undeniable that the static page ranking often better than dynamic pages. Therefore, the CMS system should have the function of the static head, according to the number of automatically generated file name should release or update the article after the system.

, the fourth category page caption: in addition to home owners should give full flexibility, artificial writing instructions text classification, the page is a key. We should leave the area to artificially write appropriate instructions. In order to avoid the classified pages are too similar appear page repeat.

seventh, 301: 301 jump jump sometimes had to use, so the system should provide from one page to another 301 to address the functions of webmaster friends can according to their own needs to adjust the page to jump. If you do not have this function, then the website or delete products will have limitations.

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