Analysis of published articles and the chain site optimization effect

two, the chain effect

1, the chain and the effectThe

post update website, whether it is any information (product information, text information, blog information, mood log) in short is to update, if a website is mostly blank page, without any text information so that a search engine will crawl? The answer is no, because this website for users and search engines without any value. So the article must be released every day, be updated in real time.

, The effect of


chain can increase the spider crawling on the site in early times, more likely to grab included pages, and have great help to the keywords ranking, but I look at words into the front page after page two in the sea almost no what effect. Here is the most.

3, the publication of high quality articles

is a kind of high quality article users and search engines are the demand of the high quality articles, including real-time, user requirements and the readability of the search engine, database content scarce. Only in this article in order to improve website ranking, the user has the help to enhance user paste. If this point can not be done, so that users and search engines do not need.


fundamental love Shanghai algorithm changes, all to the user experience, especially the big update in June this year, a large number of low quality site is down right even K station, so the removal of low quality imperative. Some webmaster to ask, what is the low quality? Low quality: non original, pseudo original use and collect information full page, or use false original tools of garbage article, this site is not for the sake of users, but only for optimization, in order to search engine.


the world every year in the continuous development of the webmaster every day thinking about optimization problems, recently the author found that many Er are talking about the love of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai algorithm and Shanghai Dragon technology, many people regard as Shanghai dragon very simple thing to do, is the most published articles and release the chain every day. Think this website ranking will be up, but the Shanghai Dragon technology really so simple? Today Chengdu Shanghai dragon of the author to give you the analysis of the article and the chain effect.

2, the removal of low quality articles

suggested that post is not satisfied with the search engine, should not be to Shanghai station Shanghai dragon dragon, is the user needs to meet the final update, only good user experience in order to increase the conversion rate, so as to achieve the purpose of profit of our webmaster. In 2014 June, the white paper search engine appears, also shows that the search engine is for the user experience, user experience is good as long as the search engine can give high weight, high ranking.

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