How to make the image search to bring you Everfount flow

search with Google is very similar (SOSO before using the Google search technology), picture button position is only arranged behind the web search. SOSO navigation bar arranged in the top three and Google, all are web pages, pictures and videos, behind is the unique SOSO products.




picture to include some important explanatory text

search navigation images

Google search navigation images

optimization picture?Around the

love Shanghai navigation images


on our search engine from the point of view about the importance of image flow in search traffic, then how do we make good use of it, how to do

image search is a very important product search engine series products, is also a part of most of us easier to ignore, we usually only pay attention to web search traffic, in fact, if the picture optimization well, also can get good flow, especially for some station based website with pictures, but also the need to optimize the picture as a key optimization strategy to look up. Not to mention the image optimization is much more simple than web optimization, the price is relatively high. In fact, if you always pay attention to the search engine home page layout, you can see some pictures from the search for clues. Now the A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/. Simply talk about: how to make the image search to bring you Everfount

we know that the search engine.

you can look at other search engines, this also is the basic layout of the visible picture search or a lot of people, but we often engage in these sites, do not use it for the public image search, image search, or are they Qinglai, so we do optimization, cannot neglect the image search traffic, on the contrary, to make good use of the picture, let it be our web search is an important source of traffic.

we love Shanghai home, just arranged in the image search MP3 behind, so many products of love of Shanghai, why should the image search here an important position, I think it is in order to meet the needs of users, many products in love in Shanghai, image search with people very much, love that Shanghai had to put it in the love Shanghai home is an important navigation position. Similarly, you observe other search engines, it can be observed a similar phenomenon, especially Google, it upgrades the image position to an important position.

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