Get attention of high quality external links

external links and internal links is the webmaster has been the focus of attention, and the search engine of internal and external links have their own judgment and punishment mechanism. In order to avoid search engine punishment, friendly construction of external links is particularly important. How to build a friendly external links? What are the channels and access to external links? What are the places that need attention? First is to understand the basis of

external links in a variety of ways, including common including but not limited to: Links, blog, soft launch, inquiry platform, catalogue, site navigation, BBS signature, bookmarks, bookmarks, link bait, paid links, plug-in tools and so on, these methods all do not have to do, you can choose your own. Or have the resources to achieve the ultimate good. After Jinhua will write an article to introduce these methods. No matter what you choose to do outside the chain, be sure to have the following considerations in mind.


2, external links should pay attention to the correlation of

According to Google ?

here refers to the use of external links in the anchor text (also called keywords) to nature. Should not all external links all by a target keywords links, external links should be every kind of natural keywords, diversified development. For example, Jinhua in Shanghai to share blog, SEM and dragon network marketing content, so when the external links can be Shanghai dragon, Jinhua Shanghai dragon, network marketing, SEM, Shanghai, Jinhua, Shanghai dragon dragon blog blog link related keywords, such natural link is search engine to determine the probability of cheating is small, even can say that various external links anchor text search engine will not cause resentment, of course, also need to pay attention to the following circumstances.

The nature of

Engineer Matt Cutts said there was no correlation between the link is not the best link. For example, a bus link on a website, the website of Shanghai dragon. This link even though the bus site weight is extremely high, will not bring much help to the Shanghai dragon website. In other words, this link is not a high quality external chain.

external link mode

1, external links should pay attention to the nature of

external link building

what is the external links

external links also known as reverse link, contrary to the popular understanding of internal links, are some links to external sites, namely all website external chain to our site links, can be referred to as external links. Stand in the search engine optimization point and be understood as the vote, how many external links have many web sites on your site cast a vote. External vote more, to improve website weight is very helpful, of course, there are many external links during the construction of the need to pay attention to the place, we will tell. First look at what are the methods to increase the external links.

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