How to choose the key words 99% people miss this step

2, the annual search volume increased, the monthly turnover increased slowly. This will be a good choice of keywords.

needs to mention is that people are always thinking, and not pay attention to this trend. Grasp the trend, this will undoubtedly become a necessary condition for you to walk in front of others. This paper consists of village affairs 贵族宝贝cunwu.cuncun8贵族宝贝 share submission, please keep the link, thank you



1, but not every year, every month or every quarter is a lot of difference. The keywords need to be treated with care.

we have to pay attention to Google keyword tool, the keyword tool than many software tools are better paid keywords.

with Google keyword tool to select keywords usually includes the following steps:

if the search for specific keywords in different months, often find a month to search for certain keywords changed a lot. This is because the search keywords different time factor. Here recommended Google trend tools to help check some key words flow trend. Like before I spent a lot of effort to eat this dish what summer Quhuo words do love Shanghai before three. But its recent search volume as below.


these are the key words to use Google keyword tool to get the job. When they talk about how to choose keywords when 99% people missed the step


3, the annual search volume gradually reduced, the monthly turnover is slow down. This is a warning.

1, more specific keywords benefit by mutual discussion. The most important part is to imagine yourself as a customer, which will search keywords, write down the more targeted keywords.

how to choose the keywords you need to meet

4, make full use of Google analysis tools and other monitoring data on the platform of


keywords trend is for each of us to pay attention to the local workers in Shanghai dragon.

The search volume changes of

4, the annual search volume did not change, not too much to consider such words, unless it is very hot, you can quickly make a decision.

how to choose the right keywords in a certain extent determines the question of how much you site traffic. If you choose the right keywords, may your efforts will be useless.


5, try to use some long tail keywords to replace some of the ordinary key

3, select the less competitive keywords


2, choose high search volume keywords

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