The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love extended reading promotion into large flow.




need to modify data write: increase mobile phone series, most > Fill


do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng students know, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of almost ninety percent entries occupy the first search rankings, can be said to be the gold position, because the page weight love Shanghai encyclopedia is very high, want to go beyond the love of Shanghai is a bit difficult. Love Shanghai reason to Wikipedia so powerful is the inner chain to the extreme. If we love Shanghai optimization meet a large flow of words, want to get the first and do not go up, in fact, we can also guide the flow by using the extended reading and reference of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. Or when the site was ranking, and put all the entries related to your industry do on the extended reading link, traffic is very considerable. Below I introduce the operation method of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love plus external chain:

For example, NOKIA


three, editor made flow entries, supplemental content added

entry, you can see his mobile phone series of this directory, the lack of any system, find information related to take him up, and can take the opportunity to expand in reading inside and outside the chain to promote you.

two, collect data and create their own


actually love Shanghai encyclopedia there are many entries are not created, you can go to soso and Hudong copied, used to modify, and then add your extended reading to the promotion of the site, will be accomplished, as long as you go, be sure to find. Especially in this industry, they are more familiar with the industry, or go to the website to look up information together again, make an entry is a very simple matter. For example, twelve entries

carefully check the love Shanghai encyclopedia entries there are no typos, in fact, as long as you carefully check, will find entry typos. Find typos modify the way in the extended reading with your web site, but add the URL is need skills, you do not write any words, directly attached to a web site, and then modify the reason when write directly modify typos on it, basically ninety percent by /p> Oh! "Figure

, check the Wikipedia entry


many entries not wrong, you can go online to search for relevant information added, a new directory can be, then the entry contents do not contain advertising words, or Wikipedia will directly prompt you can not pass, not objective or advertising content. Here I give you a case study to understand, in fact it is very simple, it is easy to add.

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