How do website drop right after operation

3, there is a more detail of the place "Links", for many webmaster every day are not very concerned about the Links whether the normal operation of the website, so when a Links website will be right or the horse, then it will affect their own site, will be followed by the search engine drop right.

1, under normal circumstances, if the site suddenly website promotion operation is in the process of normal right down, the most likely reason is that personal website on the excessive Shanghai dragon and reduces to the website promotion, followed by factors and web server instability is linked to the horse and other unsafe factors.

, what factors lead to site search engine drop right

introduction: the promotion of cosmetic photography network has been more than two years, the groundless talk work experience also let me gain a lot, such as the website operation promotion plan, planning methods, have a certain understanding and familiar, I believe many Shanghai dragon Er filed "website right down" God will panic. But as a webmaster if you have carefully analyzed and summed up the operation method of the web site is down right after it! Here I would share a few points, hope to help Shanghai dragon er.

"how to avoid the site in the process of operation is not search engine drop right?" this is the webmaster often encounter problems, so for this problem I believe we all know, to avoid the above occurred in peacetime website promotion operation. Here I suggest that you can make a website promotion operation for their planning and daily work plan and goals, so that we can have a daily plan and target of do our work, at the same time when the site somewhere out.

for "over Shanghai dragon" I believe we all know, this is the search engine has been in the construction that webmaster website is to give users see not look to the search engines, however, in violation of this one is bound by the search engine to your web site for the corresponding punishment or drop right, then is the site in the operation of the process when content quantity and quality greatly reduced or updated content should not be content to appear, will lead to trust the search engine on your web site will be gradually alienated, thus causing the site facing the site is down right may, at the same time due to some network criminals to you site safety damage can lead to site is down right, if the site is linked to the horse or add black links for this phenomenon, some love Shanghai often shot him down, Which leads to their website search engine drop right or K stand.


two, how to avoid the site in the process of operation is not search engine drop right?

2, besides, some experience is not yet mature webmaster, in the repair site module, program and site title, keywords, and not to modify the resulting web site is down right in a proper way, and this is our usual site in the promotion of the most common.

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