The webmaster should be calm in the face of the domain home page is not the first phenomenon

if domain is not the first home page, the site is down right, we should be how to solve it? In fact, this little Wu Yeshen feeling, because of the recent hand to pick up the two list of two different treatment methods, the effect is different. Nonsense not say, the first.

the top two chart shows the result is obvious, a domain has been restored, a no time, two domain is not the first home page, home page is on page second. So when we encounter this kind of situation is what we should do? Here by the author to talk about their operating practices.


, the first web content update


many friends see above, may ask why two website articles have to ensure the quality, but there will be a different effect? Is the first picture on the content of the website is not updated by the author, you may find that the site almost no within the chain, and the second sites are so. Site articles within the chain should arouse people’s attention, in the chain can make our home page weight to increase the weight, so as to effectively enhance the value of the home page..

second, reinforce the site within the chain

third, add the site outside the chain

website content is guaranteed, the chain is also there, so we need to add some sites outside the chain, the chain is on our website to restore weight can not be ignored, and the chain is a continuous increase in the process, not today, not tomorrow, where possible under the situation, we need to ensure that the quality of the website chain, can not remember the number to the neglect of quality, the quality of the site was.

website update is not necessary to say, is the author presented here, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, many of my friends would say make an unnecessary move, but how many people can be updated on time accurately? Is more likely two days fishing nets three days of drying it, add the site content just here on time one hand, we should also guarantee the quality of the article, the above two site article quality is very high, use the picture and text conversion tool, can be said that the quality is guaranteed.

OK I recently always love visiting the forum, not only to send the chain, more is to understand some dynamic counterparts, but to see a lot of friends forum have mentioned an imagination, that is the domain web page is not the first, see a lot of friends to the answer of no great importance in fact, domain is not. In the first, obviously love Shanghai site has been down the right, the most obvious example is the author of Hefei Shanghai dragon blog, I believe a lot of friends all know Hefei. When I first came back to the domain home page, blog ranking is back home, but domain is not the first home page, ranking will go.

The author thinks that

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