Six people arrested with knives iron poles

The suspects in the car, who were arrested, were later released on police bail. ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that posters in support of a UPFA candidate were also found in another vehicle which was also checked at the same police checkpoint.He said that 870 posters and 150 hand bills were found in the vehicle. Three people were arrested but were later released on police bail. (Colombo Gazette) Meanwhile, on the same night, the police had arrested three people at the Maligawatte police checkpoint with posters promoting a UNP candidate.Gunasekera said that 1622 posters and 712 hand bills were found in a car which was checked at the Maligawatte police checkpoint. When the police checked the vehicle they found knives, iron poles and other sharp objects hidden inside. The police arrested six people at a police checkpoint in Maligawatte after knives, iron poles and other sharp objects were found in their jeep.Police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that the white defender type jeep was stopped at the check point when it was about to enter Colombo late last night. The six people who were in the vehicle were then arrested and the Maligawatte police launched an investigation. read more

WHO concerned about respiratory disease cases in Hong Kong housing complex

The World Health Organization (WHO) said concern mounted this weekend about a possible outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in the large housing estate of 10 35-storey blocks, which has some 15,000 residents. Of the 45 new SARS cases hospitalized on Saturday, 28 were all residents of the estate. The next day, 36 of the 60 new patients admitted with probable SARS were also from the same residential complex.The health agency said most of those affected were in vertically arranged apartments in a single block, suggesting that SARS in Hong Kong may be spreading according to a different pattern – still involving close person-to-person contact with bodily secretions. Epidemiologists are considering the possibility that these secretions containing the causative virus might somehow enter common systems linking rooms or flats.A total 213 residents of Amoy Garden in Kowloon District have been admitted into hospital with suspected SARS, according to the Hong Kong Department of Health. Of these, 107 patients resided in Block E, which is now under isolation and residents have been instructed to remain in their flats until midnight on 9 April.Hong Kong health officials said they have taken environmental samples from Block E and investigations are under way to determine a possible explanation for this apparent vertical spread. The results will also help determine the source of infection in and the mechanisms by which the pathogen has spread.Local epidemiologists have identified a possible “index” case in the Amoy Garden outbreak: a man, now hospitalized in Prince of Wales Hospital, who visited his brother in Block E several times.As of today, a total of 1,800 cases in 17 countries resulting in 62 deaths have been reported. read more