8 Oct

Six people arrested with knives iron poles

The suspects in the car, who were arrested, were later released on police bail. ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that posters in support of a UPFA candidate were also found in another vehicle which was also checked at the same police checkpoint.He said that 870 posters and 150 hand bills were found in the vehicle. Three people were arrested but were later released on police bail. (Colombo Gazette) Meanwhile, on the same night, the police had arrested three people at the Maligawatte police checkpoint with posters promoting a UNP candidate.Gunasekera said that 1622 posters and 712 hand bills were found in a car which was checked at the Maligawatte police checkpoint. When the police checked the vehicle they found knives, iron poles and other sharp objects hidden inside. The police arrested six people at a police checkpoint in Maligawatte after knives, iron poles and other sharp objects were found in their jeep.Police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that the white defender type jeep was stopped at the check point when it was about to enter Colombo late last night. The six people who were in the vehicle were then arrested and the Maligawatte police launched an investigation. read more

24 Sep

Herrenknecht brings boxhole backreaming to shaft sinking market

first_imgHerrenknecht expects to install one of its new boxhole backreaming machines in a mine in Asia later this year, one of the company’s Mining Project Managers, Alexander Frey, told attendees at an SME technical presentation, in Denver, Colorado, last week.Looking to produce a system able to develop ore passes with simultaneous drilling and lining, the company has adapted boxhole boring machines it has been working on for the past nine years – which use an adapted form of the pipe jacking method – and come up with the boxhole backreaming machine.This new machine can stabilise the shaft with thrust pipes and a steel liner, which avoids collapses of the shaft or a rework, while reducing the amount of activities in the upper level during mine development.Herrenknecht has already built one machine and tested it at a mine in the Black Forest of Germany, Frey said. This testing saw the company sink an ore pass with a 2.8 m diameter and 22 m length at an angle of 19°. During this test work in 150 MPa Gneiss rock, Herrenknecht achieved reaming rates of up to 1.3 m/h, Frey said. According to Frey, the machine, which is equipped with a cutterhead like those employed on raiseborers, can cut really hard rock.He added that the machines would likely be used for safely and efficiently sinking ore passes with a maximum 70 m shaft length and 3 m diameter, but it could also find other industry applications.last_img read more