Geek deals Get a 10 Amazon Music Credit with free Music Unlimited

first_imgInterested in ad-free music for both streaming and download? Amazon Music Unlimited offers tens of millions of songs for $7.99 to $9.99 per month, and you can even try it for free. And if you’re a new subscriber, right now Amazon is offering an extra $10 credit to boot. • $10 Amazon Music Credit with free Music Unlimited trialNormally, the monthly cost is $7.99 for Prime members, and $9.99 for non-members. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you’ll get your first month free, and then the $10 credit can pay for all the next month and part of the third. On the other hand, non-subscribers will get a month free, and then the $10 credit can go toward the second month.Not only can you play your favorite stand bys, but you can use Music Unlimited to find new jams that fit your tastes. And not only can you listen on the web, but you can stream to your phone, to your set-top box, and even to your Echo or Echo Dot. If you’re already hooked into the Amazon ecosystem, this is a smart option.Even better, Amazon also offers a family plan if you want to upgrade later on. For just $14.99 per month (both Prime and non-Prime), you can have up to six family members enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited.Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the Amazon website for more information.Our commerce group sources the best deals and products for the Geek Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at more great deals, head over to read more

Brace Your Wallets for a 1000 iPhone 8

first_img One of my favorite tweets on Twitter dot com, a den of Nazis also beloved by cool socialists and wrestling fans for some reason, says something like “some people are just begging to have their wealth redistributed.” Well it might be time to add a new group of people to that list: iPhone 8 owners.A full reveal of Apple’s latest smartphone should be coming in just a few weeks, but a New York Times report is already claiming the phone will put the “luxury” back in “luxury device” thanks to its premium $1,000 price tag.One. Thousand. Dollars. That’s how much Apple is allegedly charging for their new flagship phone. That’s more than $300 more expensive than the priciest iPhone available now. That’s more expensive than most iPads. Unapologetically pricey. $100 for every year of the iPhone’s existence. It costs more than its weight in rose gold, which might not even be an available color anymore. Think of all the headphone jacks you could buy for $1,000 dollars. Think of all the wireless AirPods you could lose and replace!via Nodus and Gordon KellySo what will that cool grand get you this fall? As we’ve mentioned in previous reports, the iPhone 8 will probably exist alongside cheaper, tweaked versions of the iPhone 7 (as well as the only remaining good iPhone the iPhone SE). It will have a larger Samsung Galaxy S8-esque bezel-free screen with a virtual home button, improved security and augmented reality functionality through face-scanning cameras, and wireless charging.Another juicy rumor is that Apple is purposefully raising the iPhone 8’s starting price to an absurd prohibitively expensive level in order to lower initial sales and make supply chain management easier. Let all the important rich people buy their iPhones first before making it accessible to the cheapskate proles. It’s an interesting strategy, if true. It plays into the long-standing culture of Apple products as elite status symbols, and status symbols are always just reflections of wealth, so make that explicit. Now you and everyone else can immediately monetarily quantify your Apple fandom. Cool!We’ll know the truth about the iPhone 8 or whatever it’s really called (iPhone Plutocrat Edition) soon enough, probably on September 12. But man that’s a steep price for a phone. Four figures. $1,000.One thousand dollars.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Have More Cameras, More ProblemsApple Arcade Launches Next Week Stay on targetlast_img read more

Train to Be a Pro Game Developer With These Bundles

first_imgStay on target It’s a well-known fact that games are the spice of life. They serve as an escape from our stress-filled lives and provide us with a glimmer of excitement where we can realize all our hopes and dreams — even if only briefly.Have you ever imagined becoming a game developer? It’s easier than you might think, and these three e-learning bundles might be the perfect way to get started. They’re quick, convenient, and offered at prices that’ll fit practically any budget.1. School of Game Design: Lifetime MembershipThis package includes over 120 hours of high-quality training videos that introduce students to the world of game design. Perfect for beginners, each video takes you step-by-step through the development process and shows you how to make advanced 2D and 3D games.With this program, you can learn when it’s convenient. There are no schedules or deadlines to stick to. Simply access the content online and learn when you have time. You’ll have access to it for life, too, so there’s no rush to complete it.A lifetime membership to the School of Game Design is just $59 — a savings of 99% off the regular price of $5990. School of Game Design: Lifetime Membership – $59See Deal 3. The Complete Mobile App & Game Development KitHave you always wanted to learn how to make your own mobile apps and games but didn’t know where to start? Get everything you need now and save 88% off the regular price of $245.The Complete Mobile App & Game Development Kit offers everything from tutorials to assets so you can design better mobile apps. In all, you’ll receive access to nine components that’ll show you how to create mobile apps and games and make them look completely professional.Pick up The Complete Mobile App & Game Development Kit for just $29 but only for a limited time. 2. Pay What You Want: Graphics & FX Mastery BundleAdd graphics and effects to your creations with the training you’ll get in this package. The Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle offers access to as many as eight courses that’ll introduce you to Unity 5, SilhouetteFX, and more. Best of all, you choose how much you want to pay for it.Here’s how it works: Go to the deal page and look at the ‘Average Price’. If you agree to pay more than the average, you’ll get the entire eight course bundle for that amount. If the average price is a little more than you want to spend, simply enter any lower amount and you’ll still get the first two courses in the bundle for that figure.Either way, you’ll be in line to save hundreds of dollars on this offer. But don’t wait too long to take advantage of the Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle, as the average price is likely to rise as time goes on. Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Pay What You Want: Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle – $15See Deal The Complete Mobile App & Game Development Kit – $29See Deal More on Is Officially Hiring for a New ‘Legend of Zelda’ Game11 Games to Play When You’re Finished with ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’Watch: Assassin’s Creed II Is a Game You Need to Play Before You Dielast_img read more

Google Patents VR Shoes That Almost Feel Like Real Walking

first_imgVR games often involve bumping into objects, but Google recently patented motorized VR shoes that promote safer play and almost feel like real walking.Google’s filed patent application, which was published on Nov. 15, demonstrates the idea of “augmented and/or virtual reality footwear,” that would enable users to engage in their virtual or physical environments sans injuries. These high-tech sneakers would be motorized, so users can feel like they’re walking in the VR landscape, yet they’ll be kept in one area in real-life.Photo Credit: USPTOHere’s how it works: The person would slide into the sneakers, which look like roller skates, before they play a VR game. Once they’re ready, these shoes would allow the person to easily walk in their VR atmosphere. Meanwhile, in their physical atmosphere, the motorized shoes would restrain this movement and keep them safe from tables, walls, and other objects. With these advanced sneakers, users can fully immerse themselves in VR games without worrying about annoying obstacles or getting hurt.Even though these VR kicks could be a benefit for VR gamers, Google will have to iron out some kinks, such as keeping users balanced at all times. While acing the walking motion is important, VR users will have to also keep their bodies stable. It will be interesting to see if these VR sneakers will be produced by Google in the near future.More on Valve Making a New VR Headset, With Half-Life This Time? ‘The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ is the First VR Game Set in TWD UniverseE3: Armored Core Developer FromSoftware is Making a Game for PlayStation VRlast_img read more

The Polar Vortex As Seen From Space

first_img#GOESEast spotted snow on the ground as the sun rose on what will be a bitterly cold day across much of the U.S. A cold Arctic air mass is surging south into the upper Midwest before spreading across much of the eastern two-thirds of the country. More:— NOAA Satellites (@NOAASatellites) January 30, 2019During winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the polar vortex can become unstable and expand, sending cold Arctic air southward over the US.Though nothing new (it’s believed the term “polar vortex” first appeared in 1853), this month’s weather event is getting a bit out of hand.Air masses drifting further south than usual are pushing wind-chill temperatures to dangerously low levels: Cold enough to cause frostbite in half an hour.Cloud streets and lake-effect snow stretch across the scene, as frigid Arctic winds blew over the Great Lakes (via NASA)My fingers are turning blue just looking at this image, snapped on Jan. 27 by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite.Based on data collected by the spacecraft, analysts can closely simulate atmospheric conditions—like those seen in the map below (showing air temperatures 6.5 feet above ground at 4 a.m. EST on Jan. 29).Air temperatures 6.5 feet above ground at 4 a.m. EST on Jan. 29, 2019 (via NASA/Goddard Earth Observing System Model)With temps dropping as low as minus-60℉ in parts of the country, folks sequestered at home are finding interesting ways to combat cabin fever.Participating in the so-called “water challenge,” people are bundling up to throw boiling liquid into the frigid air—a middle-school science experiment that has gone viral. At -29 it’s officially cold enough to turn boiling water into snow!— Christopher Ingraham (@_cingraham) January 29, 2019 While folks in the Midwest and Northern Plains pull on yet another blanket, NASA is keeping an eye on the country from its orbiting satellites.You’ve probably heard by now that a polar vortex is blanketing parts of the US in snow, ice, and beyond-freezing weather.The phenomenon is described by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as a large area of low pressure and cold air surrounding the Earth’s North and South poles. Watch: Teslas, EVs Were Struggling During the Polar Vortex, TooWatch: Why You Should Be Like a Banana During Polar Vortex Throwing a cup of boiling water in the air, when it’s minus 27 degrees (celsius). #chicago #PolarVortex2019— Adam Roberts (@ARobertsjourno) January 30, 2019 Stay on target I did the boiling water thing because why the heck not.— Devin Pitts (@DevinWxChase) January 30, 2019As Mashable pointed out, though, while this “might look fun,” the polar vortex “has brought life-threatening temperatures to many areas.”“Leaving your house is a questionable project on any day, but it’s an especially risky move for today—and possibly not worth it, not even for art like this,” the tech blog said.More on’s So Cold, Chicago Is Setting Tracks on Fire to Keep Trains MovingFreeze! Police in Illinois ‘Arrest’ Elsa Due to Extremely Cold WeatherWatch: Alligators Poke Snouts Out of Ice to Deal With Freezing Weather42 Stunning Images of Snow and Ice on Earth From Spacelast_img read more