There is a saying website optimization four unnecessary entanglements


Shanghai Longfeng for several years, optimize the website also has twenty or thirty, in learning and constantly sum up, slowly also have their own views. Usually in the forum and Post Bar still have a lot of friends over the tangle of some common problems, and today is based on some experience of their own, do not think it is necessary to write out a few places tangled, of course I summarized this is suitable for the index of less than 1000 words, for some large and medium-sized website or index slightly higher the word, you also need a solid implementation of good Shanghai dragon is the fundamental strategy.

second, not too tangled web structure of

URL is the only standard and we often hear the words, is indeed very important in website optimization, also can accumulate URL weight effective, similar to the URL structure of the problem often seen in the forum, sometimes even with a week can not find the perfect answer, the other not to say, only 301 he stumped a number of webmaster redirect, due to the different procedures, different host, different languages, 301 redirect writing is different, it also include the URL static, pseudo static and so on, in fact, the index below 1000 words, no need to over with this, the author also optimized twenty or thirty all stations, the dynamic path, but the path parameters are only one, is very simple, so ranking and included well in place, and steady, so do not worry too much. URL, of course if you can spend a little time to fix, then try to use static URL. read more

Teach you how to properly use the keywords to improve the ranking

Keywords When

this is relatively simple, in the A5 press colleagues sent a complaint will be about experience, or to introduce myself. Note that here the general will appear on their website name, content and keywords that they do not know if you have noticed. For example, I can say, "I’m XX the company’s network, has been responsible for the optimization and promotion work of the company, I am from n years ago to accept the XX task…" and "I xx the XX keyword after several months of efforts finally… Now I say my experience". Hey, so everyone was advertising in the imperceptibly, in fact, when I was speaking experience may be the advertising information I added, but I am speaking experience, so free. The last paragraph add keywords I do not have to teach it, see so long A5 information, do not know if you really can not be saved. read more

2017 Shanghai dragon have what new practices

two. Capacity value

Shanghai dragon is not a simple optimization of early muscle memory operation method, in this matter is no doubt that everyone has different optimization techniques, in fact 2017 is what new

users?If the

optimization operation of this level on the site, you need to understand the user, understand the user to understand the site, understand the search engine, in these aspects can really understand if it is also very good, in fact most of friends are not fully understand, for those who master to do itself might not really know "


mining users from the content, making the content from the user’s point of view, from the service user experience, from the user experience optimization, and then extended to the user, if the user does not love, it means to go in the future is still very long, please continue to work hard. read more

The interpretation of the different character of the novice how to get started in Shanghai Dragon

! .

with the change of social environment, impetuous have become a common line of modern society, it is also a popular character, most people still tend to be impetuous. Of course, in impatient, quick success. Many business owners have appeared in the online marketing on fickle performance, which many just enter Shanghai dragon industry novice, no experience of Shanghai dragon novice will produce impetuous, want to quickly learn Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to meet the requirements of the authority. For this kind of impatient people, if you want to fast entry then I would recommend you a book, that is "Shanghai dragon magic book", this book is very suitable for the novice Shanghai dragon, right, teach you how to optimize the basic station, you can quickly master the Shanghai dragon station optimization part. read more

n order to stabilize ranking cannot do without the observation and analysis of the site

recently ranked Shanghai love great changes, many web site keywords ranking fluctuations, what is the reason, we are not too good, but if I had my website fluctuation, basic can guess where the problem is, the reason is that I often woke up on the site analysis and observation, so as to understand the dynamic website here, I introduced my method, I hope to help you.

: the first site Links, is stable, is mainly to observe whether their website can be opened when the snapshot update, whether there is a link to me, when to be search engine punishment, these are our observation range, I think the owners all know, I often have the tools. Using

external links mainly from such aspects.

I on site observation of external links and internal optimization.

observation of internal site optimization, mainly is that so few. read more

Shanghai dragon combat password (Third Edition) the essence of finishing

note: This article is nearly half the contents of up to my experience, the rest of the key ones. Pick up, do Shanghai, in addition to reading, to see more attention to love Shanghai official advice, and then try to summarize their own ideas, I hope useful for everyone. The experience in Chinese focuses on search engine optimization.

to the letter as a book, learn to take their thinking to see to do better, the Shanghai dragon algorithm is not open to the public, once the public may and will have a lot of cheating, but now I love Shanghai official gives a lot of good advice should be seriously concerned, Shanghai Longfeng trend will be more natural, more emphasis on user experience. The arrangement according to the book chapters written, outdated now cut redundant common content of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform official views and their summary, we hope to help. read more

Role reversal, regard themselves as a spider – customer

does not update how important

chainIn fact,

in Shanghai has said before, love the customer experience. Since this view was put forward, then the robot also made great efforts on it. But from what aspects of the implementation of our robot is not known, but can see themselves as a spider, the spider is the customer, but the spider more rigid, by which we can seize the favorable factors.

here we try in your website to a spider client’s attitude.

article, will have the title, a conclusion. The conclusion after the end, should not recommend related articles? And pure a is not very correlation is not strong. If I was interested in a 123, I finished 123, you will see is 456, then you must be recommended by 456 instead of 000. As the novel was serialized, I let you see a Denon eight, then transfer I look at The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, I am not willing to. The spider is the same, do not want to climb. read more

Jiang Pingzhong how to solve the love Shanghai snapshot not update the site in question

(2) on the external links. It usually is: in the web site outside of the chain on the part of the anchor text is made by A, a part of the anchor text is done with B.

this is the webmaster of the more common phenomenon, the general can keep updated every day snapshot love Shanghai website, the chain general do well. If we say that love Shanghai not included new website page, that love of spiders in Shanghai did not develop a habit, and your intimate degree is not high. Jiang Pingzhong suggested that the webmaster, you can go to some high weight blog articles, with links to your web site in the article, so it can guide the spider to new content to the collection. To update a week or so, Shanghai love the spider on your dependence slowly enlarged, cute little spider would never leave your site, the spider is falling in love with your website, was deeply attracted by you. read more

Don’t let your site search engine easily handling

anyone can become editor of the encyclopedia articles, want their editorial content in their audit through is very difficult, but they still can be implemented. If there is no search engine, I believe people will be widely used for the Wikipedia entry information content you want.

is not reading the comments on the blog, only in the process of the comment you see how to set your content. Don’t leave the real comments like "your blog is really beautiful" "Lord, you said is truth and these crown comments. Good records you comment on the blog URL, every day, through the URL, see your comment is live, once it is alive, check to look back, if the administrator.

that sounds crazy, now the best you can do is not Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. You can tell yourself that, if there is no search engine, then Internet users will be reduced by 80%, and you 80% links and 80% of the content is not, according to such guidelines, I think you never thought with a large number of link building and duplicate content issue to optimize the website, search the engine more than to search engine optimization important. Looking for any opportunity to do some things on the Internet, will increase your search engine rankings, do not rely on search engines alone. read more

Shanghai Longfeng xixingdafa announced the construction of the chain!

skills: early use of network, packing your personal Internet brand, can make a person’s love of Shanghai Post Bar, personal blog website, the Encyclopedia of brand creation (including love Shanghai encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia) can do, do this step is to prepare you for the next network marketing.

then I will give you a share of Shanghai Longfeng fast scheduling optimization – how to make thousands of Shanghai dragon trick for you to do friends chain to help you do the chain

two skills: add 20-40 (Shanghai dragon chain group, Shanghai dragon tutorial >

heard the Shanghai Longfeng Research Center moon Shanghai Longfeng teacher curriculum, very deep feelings. Really as a professional website optimization personnel, think of personal understanding of Shanghai dragon has a lot to practice and experience to summarize. I believe a lot of sex in Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization friends, feel do not Shanghai dragon is to be high quality content, high quality of the chain? And use keywords quality Links to bring the whole website ranking. Friends can understand this is absolutely right. But I am in the website optimization process, every day I was looking for friends of the chain, there are some new website with my area ranked first in the Shanghai dragon website to change link, but this new station will often be refused for friends of the chain, because it is very simple, their website without any keyword ranking, more talk do not have the website traffic. read more

[tips] a swarm optimization practice station

(4) it is important to keep the home page and site map update. Many people use millions of the guest site is the use of a long time to build, after importing the 200W keyword on the tube, are waiting for love to Shanghai included, rankings, flow, and not to do any operation, the emerge of itself and perish of itself. How much to pay, how much return, you want to rely on you for a long time to build a station you want to succeed? Maybe you good luck, but I think the chance is very small. Small operation million guest site is according to the basic principles of Shanghai Dragon: daily update. The daily update, the site map is updated on a regular basis. This can quickly be included in search engines.

(3) site location is also very important. Because a lot of people by using the keywords, and keywords that comes with containing industry site, so I see many millions of the guest site are integrated shopping, shopping guide and other forms. Or that sentence, the same type of site too much chance of being punished too much love in Shanghai. I think: we can use the website theme positioning and an industry, and then add the keywords in the same industry, I believe chances of success will be greater. read more

How to create the next snapshot site personnel in Shanghai Dragon

reflected in any of these areas are not independent, often other aspects will have a great impact on its performance. In the construction of the chain can often be the site structure clear, the construction of the chain do good, has to a certain extent above help love Shanghai spiders to crawl the page, reduce the work load of the love of spiders in Shanghai. Is to give an impression of the love of spiders in Shanghai. At the same time, now love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, the construction of the chain of health is more conducive to the user experience, to provide more relevant information for the user. Highlights in the construction of the chain at the same time can be focused on the content of the distributed weight do subdivision. To help understand the key of spider web. These effects seem to snapshot is very small, in fact, do good, impact on the next snapshot is big. read more

Beijing Shanghai Dragon analysis of two cases of health industry

Comparison of Analysis of 2 layout, compared to

health industry is the biggest competition is Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai jjpm the most fierce, if a Shanghai dragon Er operation success of a healthy industry site, no doubt to you the Shanghai dragon road, increased the number of rings. In one sense, to promote the healthy growth of Shanghai dragon industry, especially to promote the research of Shanghai dragon black hat webmaster, Beijing Shanghai dragon whether contact customers, or QQ group, discussed the most is the health industry in Shanghai dragon. At present, the author did the news media marketing program in two hospitals, the actual operation of several hospitals in Guangzhou, the news media, Shanghai, Beijing province. Today Beijing Shanghai dragon hereby to analyze a case, mainly for friends analysis, here also share with friends. read more

ndia LimeRoad shopping website — women’s exclusive paradiseA5 transactions – China’s largest nter

women who live in these advanced times usually have a "I only" consciousness, and they want to be the most unusual one. In addition to the high price of luxury pronoun, but also because of the refined and excellent quality and is loved by female consumers. Luxury goods can give them a sense of superiority, but luxury is not affordable to most women.

The web transaction 35 topic: 390 thousand, posts: 1 million 490 thousand finally published: 2017-8-6 10:38 domain name transaction 70 topic: 890 thousand, posts: 10 million 380 thousand finally published: 2017-8-6 10:35 public trading links to external address account transactions 872 topic: 20 thousand, posts: 710 thousand: 2017-8-6 10:45 APP last published in 3 Topic: 30 thousand, posts: 70 thousand finally published: 2017-8-6 08:47 online transfer theme: 4273, posts: 20 thousand finally published: 2017-8-2 16:57 trademark transfer theme: 5771 posts: 10 thousand last published: 2017-8-4 11:29 project financing transfer theme: 3407, posts: 10 thousand last published: 2017-8-5 09:17
read more

A new website to share and explore the optimization process

1: the website must highlight the theme, highlighting the site is what.

3: before the site located around the main keywords, keyword long tail word optimization.

2: the website must have good internal structure.

Sitemap: 贵族宝贝Domain/sitemapindex.xml

5: the website must be updated regularly, even if the update is only one or two articles every day.

I recently built a new station, I think for a long time to start, I want to run on the starting line of direction, see a lot of Master the wise remark of an experienced person at the forum, I summed up a website to be successful, one of the most basic condition is to grasp a theme around the theme of optimization, like reading writing, there should be a central theme, you can start to play. My first good location of the web frame structure by keyword tools to find out the four main words related to the topic. And then through the noble baby tools find 100 search query volume lower the degree of competition in the long tail word, my time and energy is limited, only positioned in 100 with the website subject feeling good on the home page of the long tail word, I locked up the two main keywords to optimize the long tail word I optimization into the classification and within the page. At the same time, the use of long tail keywords construction of each page of a site chain structure, ensure the main label of each page is not repeated, the original basic content. The website spent about 10 days in the process of forming the basic, increase website information, I also submit your site to each big website bookmarks. And BLOG, every 100 or so artificially increase the keyword anchor text links. read more

Talk with Shanghai Longfeng marketing and EDM marketing

quality information acquisition can be divided into three processes, collection of spam email, email authentication, and know your customer

this afternoon in the combination of Radica held network marketing theme Cafe EDM and Shanghai dragon. The following part of the interception of the content of my speech for your reference.

quality information to better dig out potential customers, reduce the inefficient investment of resources, strengthen the investment return of

so the quality of access to information as "looking for people", automatic email marketing as "send time", strengthen customer loyalty as "said on the matter". Shanghai dragon can be optimized from the three integration to optimize, make email marketing influence on times expand.

The role of read more

Mix boy sites included the reason for the decline in summary

1, the quality of

, a website of its own problems:

has been for several days did not update the article, really sorry, even the micro blog is not updated today, share the theme is love Shanghai included the reason for the decline, because just 2 weeks ago, one of my new sites included decreased from more than 50 to 10 (a few business sites, the content was not much, but a lot of repetitive content and low quality, then add the pseudo original) after the second, but the total number included or declining (believe such new sites effect a lot of friends met it), but now has been restored, and several main keywords of the website ranking in the top, as the site is not announced, mainly lies in sharing this topic today, we as long as symptomatic to prescription, so here to share some of the major causes of the site included reducing. read more

Shanghai dragon based tutorial what is the target keywords

website right down topics:

enterprise website mainly rely on the pillar product or profit. The Internet to do business, whether you are on your own website to sell products. Or do Taobao guest. Help others to sell products. He needs to buy a package, LV website. His target keywords could be LV and LV packages. Keywords target is fixed for a web site, the same. But at the same time he is optimized according to the website, planners, designed according to the certain situation. For example, LV said if the strength conditions allow, but do it naturally. If the strength is not allowed, we must carefully select the target keywords.

special chain optimization:

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

2011 latest LV as your target keywords. Perhaps the word in a web site is the long tail keywords, but because the word LV is based on the great pressure of competition, competition can choose small, avoid and contend. With each other long tail keywords as the target keywords to do their own. To enhance their own strength, because the target keywords each other for us was difficult to match. The weight and weight of a top-level domain name in the search engine appears more than one paging domain. Is this is a very good competitive strategy. read more

How to make love Shanghai website content

The original

chain. If your site every day more than 100 IP have not yet achieved, update a little chain can. Here’s a little bit? Is a personal definition, is an article, to make A5, the owners of the house received the manuscript. Insist on an article every day, breaking a one hundred increase of ip. So the chain but high quality. If you do not have so much the manuscript can be written, it would raise a blog, Sina, NetEase, free blog keep a raise, it is quite useful, ah, said the partial…

I still believe that sentence, as long as we are always in favor of the love of Shanghai. I often do these things and I went to sleep again. Why? Because you can’t do these things can be effective immediately, Shanghai dragon takes time, you can do a few days ago, a few days in Shanghai will know, understand? Don’t talk nonsense, look at what I do if the small website optimization is actually very simple. read more

Are you still doing the bidding f it is, then you out

First, from the

, from the second aspects of the budget

you are bidding? I think many business owners will answer: doing. Of course, also understand, because bidding is also has a great effect, but also has a lot of disadvantages of bidding. We first try to understand the Shanghai dragon optimization is what? What is the

PPC, you must first know how much money in his pocket, withstand many hits. This will not predict. Once inside the account money, ranking it there. But Shanghai dragon is not the same, the budget is to give employees wages. This is not to say it, casually, not money. And do the bidding will pay the employee’s wages.

in front of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is what, you can go and see, look at. What is the price, I think everyone has heard of love Shanghai! A love Shanghai promotion is for promotion. What is the money, it is in accordance with the click charge. What do you mean? Is that when users search keywords are love Shanghai he wanted to know, your website shows in the promotion zone. The user clicks on your site, then you have to get the money. Is this meaning. How much money on the score button industry, see how much you bid on keywords. read more